Electrical Glutes Stimulator PRO®


Tone and Grow Your Glutes With the Electrical Glutes Stimulator PRO® EMS!

Say good bye to cellulities and get ready for the summer!

The Electrical Glutes Stimulator PRO® uses the new advanced Electrical Musle Stimulator (EMS) to effectively and conveniently help reduce cellulities and lift your glutes.

What is Electrical Muscle Stimulator? (EMS)

EMS devices send an electrical current into muscles to make them contract.

Impulses are send from the device to series of electrodes, which are placed on the skin over the muscle being targeted.

Muscle naturally contract is response to electrical sings sent by your brain.

EMS machines replicate these impulses, causing muscle to contract on command.

The device can contract the muscle beyond what is normally achieved during a workut.

This give users a 'pump', as the muscles start to swell and feel firm.

Reasons to use EMS in Conjunction with Strength Training 

EMS uses general electric impulses to stimulate the muscles to contract them, then relax the muscle agail. This works like pasive exercise, increasing blood flow to the area an encouraging muscle growth. Lots of people in the sports performance community agree that EMS is valuable assent for athletes of all kinds. If you're not using EMS in conjuntion with strength training you should be. Here's why.

Reserch Provides that EMS Works

Lots of recent reserch and clinical studies have shown that using EMS in conjunction with strength training is consistently benefical. It helps to enchance strengthening exercises, to encourage performance gain and get results FASTER!

EMS Provides a Complete Muscle Contraction

There are lots of little details that can effect the efficiency of a workout. For instance, if an athlete is stressed or distracted this can actually be detrimental to a workout. This is because the body and brain won't be as complete as possible.

EMS bypasses all of this and works directly with the muscle, creating clean and full contractions.

EMS Recovery easier

Not only should use EMS in conjunction with strength training for its strengthening purposes, but also as a recovery tool. Everithing about EMS therapy- the muscle contractions, the increased blood flow, the portability- helps hasten recovery, As EMS promotes circulation to the area where it's applied. It cuts down on swelling and makes the rest period more productive.

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